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Waxchain´s TOOLS

Are you tired of using logins and passwords just to access and monitor your investments in the world of cryptocurrencies and then make decisions? Say goodbye to old habits and embrace the future with WAXCHAIN. Our revolutionary application, which we will call WaxMonitor, will mark a paradigm shift in the management and decision-making of your assets. Imagine having absolute self-control over your cryptocurrency assets without the hassle of having to use your traditional login credentials! So With WaxMonitor, you won't need to use your access data to just monitor all your assets on a single screen, thus avoiding the risk of being hacked! With WAXCHAIN, transparency, security and quality are not just promises, but also pillars of our platform. You will no longer have to worry about third-party interference or data breaches. With WAXCHAIN, your sovereignty will be in your hands. Join us and experience a new era of crypto technology. WaxMonitor will be just one of several tools that WAXCHAIN will develop and make available to WAX Token holders.


Say goodbye to email vulnerabilities and hello to unparalleled security with WAXCHAIN. Our cutting-edge WaxMail system will be set to redefine how you communicate securely online. Imagine an email mailbox fortified by top-tier encryption, accessible only through your trusted wallet address. With WAXCHAIN, your communication remains confidential and tamper-proof, safeguarded by the robust security protocols of leading wallets like MetaMask, Phantom, BNB Chain Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and more. No more fretting over data breaches or unauthorized access. WAXCHAIN puts you in control, ensuring your emails are shielded from prying eyes and malicious actors. Join us in embracing the future of email security. Elevate your online communication experience with WAXCHAIN's WaxMail system! Experience the pinnacle of email security with WAXCHAIN's revolutionary WaxMail system. Built on blockchain technology, our platform will offer unparalleled encryption and complete peace of mind for your email communications.


Say goodbye to the risks of leaked conversations and compromised confidential information with whatsapp style WAXCHAIN's groundbreaking P2P Waxchat system. Our platform is engineered with state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure that your discussions remain private and secure at all times. Additionally, Waschain CHAT allows everyone to earn Tokens WAX while chatting in groups and communities.


We can see how in most blockchain games it is necessary to be lucky where the player's skill is worth almost nothing, that is, it is not valued. Because of this we came to the conclusion that there is very little accessibility to tournaments where players can monetize their skills. The issue of games, unlike 99.99% of existing PlayToEarns, the amounts bet on games will be fully produced and guaranteed 100% to the winners thanks to the seriousness with which WAXCHAIN treats its investors, supporters and not least, thanks to the actions of players within the platform.